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British Columbia Wolf Hunts

British Columbia Wolf Hunts

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Wolf Hunting in Canada

British Columbia wolf hunts are one of the most successful wolf hunts available today. Hunting wolves in the winter can be tough and take patience, it's often referred to as the pinnacle of ones hunting career when a wolf is harvested. Wolves are brilliant animals and hunting them is never an easy task. British Columbia is a game rich province with a diverse ecosystem that always maintains a strong wolf population, making it a top destination for wolf hunters.


Our Territory

Our area is in the northern coastal region of British Columbia. Where the vast timber flats meet the sharply etched coastal ranges, mixed with giant river valleys and drainages that make for game rich environments. This provides an excellent home for the largest wolves Canada has to offer. Wolf populations in Northern British Columbia are among the highest populations in North America, with populations estimated in the thousands. 

the hunt

The Hunt

All wolf hunts are a baited hunts which means you'll be sitting from early morning until dark (7-8 hrs). Our box blinds are comfortable, insulated and heated. Your guide will have a bait picked prior to your arrival and will be with you for the duration of your hunt. We have new un-hunted baits for every hunter, all of which have wolves actively visiting.


What To Expect

Patience is a virtue while hunting wolves. A hunter wanting a wolf needs to come mentally prepared for long sits and dressed appropriately. Any hunter capable of staying focused and awake for the duration of each and every day can expect a 75% success on a shot opportunity. Nothing compare's to harvesting a wolf in the depth of winter, it's extremely rewarding.


Getting Here

When travelling here your destination is Smithers, British Columbia. A member of our team will pick you up at Smithers airport upon your arrival, from there you will head straight to camp. We handle all transportation to and from Smithers, the hunting area and camp is approximately 40 minutes southwest of the airport.


Hunt Schedule

All of our wolf hunts are minimum 8 full hunting days. Longer trips can be booked upon request.

This hunt is also available as a Wolf/Lynx Combination Hunt. 

2023 Season Dates:

  • January 14-24
  • January 25-Feb 3
  • February 4-13

2024 Season Dates:

  • January 14-24
  • January 25-Feb 3
  • February 4-13